Checkbook balance: $3520.51 (minus individual account funds of $2078.00)

Equipment needs: We have some tents that need repair and we need to replace some broken poles and missing parts. We need some new canoe paddles and several of our canoes need repair to fix leaks. I am estimating these costs to be approximately $300.00 if we do the work ourselves, hired out it will cost in the range of $500.00-$600.00

Community Service projects: miscellaneous expenses for rakes, shovels, garbage bags, paint, lunches, etc. have been roughly $150.00-$200.00 per year.

Newsletter: The next issue needs to be prepared, printed, and distributed for January, February, March. Paper, printing, and postage costs approximately $35.00.

A portion of all money received in donations as a result of community service projects, popcorn sales, and other fund raisers will be set aside for the individuals that participate and based on hours worked. Below are individual scout accounts. This is money that can be used to pay for camp fees, merit badge fees, etc.

Ahren B.
Adam R.
Aaron T.
Jim S.
David S.
Ben S.
Bryce W.
Scott V.
Cody E.
Dylan P.
Deric H.
Aidan W.
Alex R.
Damien C.

Cumberland, Wisconsin
Eric Becker (H) 715-671-0081
Louie Muench (H) 822-2006 (w) 822-4728

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