What is Scoutland?..... Approximately 100 acres of woodsland 2 miles NE of Cumberland off HWY B. The property is owned by Cumberland Friends of Scouting, Inc. Boy Scout Troop 24, the Cub Scouts Pack 24, the Cumberland Girl Scouts, and other groups use this property for camping and meetings. There is a main lodge building, The Scoutmaster's Lodge. The scouts have a lot of fun on this property. The area provides an opportunity for a great time close to home. We get to work on merit badges and camp with fellow scouts from Cumberland and surrounding towns. This entire project is a work in progress. Eventually the Scoutmaster's Lodge will have electricity and indoor running water. The canoe base has been completed and there is a new archery range. There are many sites for tent camping (one site will soon have two tent cabins) and there are two permanent latrines. We also plan to have an outdoor amphitheater for stage and shows, skits, and religious services. We thank each and every person who has helped with this project...there is a lot of work to do yet. Anyone interested in assisting with one of the many projects underway at Scoutland, please contact Louie Muench. We are currently finishing the insides of the latrines which are divided into a men's and women's in each one. Any help in the form of labor, or money would be greatly appreciated. Please call Louie Muench if you can help in any way. Additional projects underway at Scoutland are listed on the following page under "Information on Upcoming Events".

Cumberland, Wisconsin
Eric Becker (H) 715-671-0081
Louie Muench (H) 822-2006 (w) 822-4728

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